At Recuperación de Materiales Textiles S.A. we have always had a clear awareness of environmental issues, since wool scouring has a significant impact on the environment due to the high consumption of water involved and its pollutant load.

In 1992 we outsourced these processes to scouring facilities that comply with environmental regulations. Out of this concern, we have created environment-friendly treatment processes such as dry whitening, which uses no water and has assisted us in finding new applications and treatments for textile fibres, whether wool, cotton, linen or hemp-based, all of which are included in the new RMT-NITA product line.

Starting the year 2012 and up to this day, Recuperación de Materiales Textiles S.A. is actively participating in the WDS Life project, an innovative, sustainable process for wool scouring and degreasing, with the following goals:

  • The obtainment of clean, quality wool.

  • Increasing the recovery rate of the components of grease wool, such as the water-soluble fraction (suint), the solvent-soluble fraction (wool grease / lanolin), and dust or vegetable fibres (dirt).

  • Water and energy savings in comparison with the conventional aqueous scouring process, reducing the load of wastewater.