Since its beginnings, RMT has always been linked to the textile world and specifically to wool (reclamation & sheared) along with its many related processes. Along its history and while developing these processes, RMT has been environmentally conscious, since wool scouring has a significant environmental impact due to its water consumption and pollutant load.

In 1992, it outsourced its scouring processes, and has since created new environment-friendly treatment processes through innovation, such as dry bleaching. This process has assisted in the discovery of new applications and treatments to be applied to textile fibres, which are used on the new RMT-NITA product line.

It is this philosophy which has always led RMT to bet on R&D. RMT currently has an active, leading participation in the Life WDS European Community Project, with the purpose of implementing new dry wool scouring process, thereby minimizing the environmental impact involved in the conventional wool scouring process.

Another achievement attained by RMT through innovation is the creation of the RMT-NITA product line of sustainable insulation for the construction industry.